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AmphiSoft: plug-in filters for Photoshop

Welcome to AmphiSoft, home of plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Fireworks, JASC and Corel PaintShop Pro, PhotoPaint and other image editors for Windows.

AS Photo Sharpen

Advanced plug-in filter for sharpening images without forming halo. Filter work with 8 bit/channel and 16 bit/channel RGB(A), Greyscale and Lab images and provide both general and noise-protected edge sharpening. (More detail...)

AS Photo Detailer

Filter for recovering and improving details in overexposed and underexposed photos, photos with uneven lighting and adding some volume to "flat" photos. Work with 8 bit/channel and 16 bit/channel RGB(A) images. (More detail...)

AmphiSoft plugin pack

Set of 10 freeware and shareware plug-in filters for various special effects and general image editing. Effects include woodcut halftoning, metallic and paint effects and many others. (Preview filter effects...)

AS Photo Tinter

Plug-in filter for extracting tone profile from toned black and white photos and applying extracted profiles to another photo. Copy the style of masterpiece you like! The filter is freeware (more detail...)

Toadies 2

Freeware "Toadies" plugins are back online on public demand. However, single filter zip files and preview pages are removed, so just download full pack as a single self-extracting archive.

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