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"Artifactor" and "Kinetics lab" plugins

Two revolutionary (oh well, better call it "evolutionaly" for the algorithm...) filters exploiting very complex dynamic algorithms describing Belousov pulse reaction (in chemistry), real bacteria growth and many other processes taking place in real life:

Source image ArtiFactor Kinetics lab Source image ArtiFactor Kinetics lab

Imagine that your image is not an image but a bacteria colony. Cells live, maturate, split, sometimes die. From iteration to iteration, they diffuse and so the whole colony changes its shape and look. This is the algorithm behind this filter. Depending on the options set, the result may vary a lot. With a slightest slider move, you may achieve absolutely different result. This is especially true for some "borderline" settings range, where life and death are almost equal - a small push to any of them changes the balance dramatically. For that, there is no replacement for your own experiments to show the filters - we are not going to flood the page... ok, maybe just one example from Fedor Kucherov:

Dragon (c) Fish

Special note: while working with these filters, you might sometimes face the red "Zoom too low - preview unreliable!" warning. This happens due to the fact that, while working in preview mode, the filter is only applied to downscaled preview proxy (at the settings lowered accordingly) to make calculations faster. At the very low zoom factors, different values get rounded up to the nearest integer value, causing small error during preview calculation. Due to the "evolutionary" nature of the filter, these differences may accumulate from one iteration to the next, thus making the preview completely different from the final result. Under some conditions (low cell "Spreading" and low zoom) the preview may degrade within just two or three "Life cycles", so if the filter detects such a condition, it shows the forementioned warning.

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