plug-in filters for image editing and special effects

TV screen     Woodcut
Raster master full version

Raster master

From basic TV-screen to complex woodcut or engraving effects, from simple patterns to weird moire overlays - Raster master does it all.

Full control over lines density, angle, curvature, color and transparency; powerful control for black/white lines width balance and of course AmphiSoft original "displacement by source" ("Line drift") feature for 3D-like distortions.

Seamless image processing implemented in Raster master is an absolute goldmine for web designer wishing to easily turn some stock wallpapers into more individual backgrounds. The left example below is merely a result of running Raster master twice on a white image under different settings:

Limited edition

Freeware limited edition (LE) is available for download.

Unlike the full version, it has one fixed "zoning" set and neither provide built-in balance, smoothing, apply modes and intensity controls, nor does it have the options for processing the seamless patterns. Still it is quite functional, download Raster master LE for free use.

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