plug-in filters for image editing and special effects

AmphiSoft Metalwork 2

New, much improved version of "Metalwork" filter provide built-in source smoothing and now is based on Mr. Smith™ chopping engine for 3D depth control (see example of Mr. Smith™ engine in action at the right preview)

Continuous tone photo Terminator effect Contrast logo 3D effect

With a variety of colorization modes (grey, source image, false color rainbow, two color gradations) this plug-in filter gives you the capability to turn virtually any picture into nice 3D shiny metal object. "Wrap-around" working mode allows to process tileable images in a "seamless" manner, without destroying the edge:



Above is a table with two cells, filled with a source seamless pattern (left) and the pattern passed through "Metalwork II" with "Across edges" option turned on (right). Although the filter involves some pixel movement, it proceeds "across" the image - every pixel trying to "fall" after the right edge appears at the left edge etc. As a result, the picture remains perfectly seamless.

Below is another example of shiny seamless pattern started from completely abstract black and white drawing.

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