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Xylograph plug-in filter

"Xylograph" term stands for a technique of printing by engraved wood plates. The resulting print often shows the wood texture. "Xylograph" plug-in filter allows you to apply a wavy halftone effect with the screen lines angle being gradually changing from shadow to highlight image area. The effects produced with "Xylograph" plugin vary from simple woodcut texture to a hand-drawn halftone screen found it many engravings.

Xylograph full version

The filter operates by dividing the full image tone range into user-defined anount of "zones" and then applying the halftone screen, changing the lines angle from one zone to another by "Lines drift" factor. This way the halftone pattern will be drawn at different angles for shadows, midtones and highlights. Full control over halftone screen geometry (density, angle, curvature), source smoothing and tone range, lines color and transparency and overall effect intensity and apply mode make this plug-in filter extremely flexible.

Seamless image processing implemented in Xylograph allows you to easily give your webpage background an unique touch without destroying its seamless nature:

Xylograph LE

Limited edition

Freeware limited edition (LE) is available for download. Unlike the full version, it has one fixed "zoning" set and neither provide built-in balance, smoothing, apply modes and intensity controls, nor does it have the options for processing the seamless patterns. Still it is quite functional, download Xylograph LE for free use from this site, or use CNET mirror below:

Get it from CNET!

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