plug-in filters for image editing and special effects

"Shaman" plug-in filters

The main purpose of both "Convolution shaman" and "Sorting shaman" filters is to give the user a suitable tools for general image editing procedures like blur, sharpen, edge detection and sharpening, despecle and many others:

Source image Regular blur Blur, darken only Edges, sketchy Maximum Blur, horz.only

There are a lot of filters for this in different graphics programs; however, "Shaman" filters are very different:

Feature-rich: you get a whole lot of different effects in just two filters; you don't have to browse through long menus any more;

Powerful apply mode control: irreplaceable for interesting effects or finest image enchancement (just compare, say, "Sharpen" in "Normal", "Lighten" and "Darken" modes). Professional may be especially interested in "Luminocity" and "Chromaticity" modes, available in full registered versions only;

Interesting "wrap-around" working mode: filter retrieve pixels "across" the image edge, which is necessary for processing seamlessly tileable images;

Unique "Soft threshold" apply functionality, extremely useful for removing image noise (dust, film scratches, compression artifacts).

NEW! "Highpass" functionality useful for improving photos (mostly indoor) and seamless patterns.

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