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What is the difference between free and full versions of "Shaman" filters?

The answer is simple: full versions include additional "Luminocity only" and "Chromaticity only" apply modes, critical for finest image enhancement.

You probably think that "Luminocity only" and "Chromaticity only" apply modes introduced in full versions of "Shaman" plug-in filters are "just two more apply modes" and nothing more. Well, let me explain why they are so useful and available only in "pro" versions of the filters. Let's take a look at four images in a row: source; blur 5 pixels; blur 5 pixels, "Chromaticity only" and finally blur 5 pixels,"Luminocity only". Don't you see a little difference?

Source image Regular blur Blur, chromaticity only Blur, luminocity only

It is known that human eye sees the luminocity (brightness) way better compared to chromaticity (hue and saturation). Compare two last images above: blurring only the chromaticity channels led only to some general "desaturation" along sharp edges, while blurring only the "luminocity" channel rendered the image unrecognizable. Human eye is much more tolerant to slight smooth degradation of chroma than degradation of brightness.

This fact is used for "Shamane" filters, full versions: simply speaking, you may use far more agressive procedures for eliminating color artifacts in "Chromaticity only" mode - and you do not destroy the image. You may use "Luminocity only" mode for finest sharpening. These modes are extremely useful for fixing bad video capture and images, scanned from the books or magazines - in the latter case, "Chromaticity only" allow to easily eliminate the most of ugly moire, and then remove the rest using very delicate techniques in "Luminocity only" mode. It is absolutely impossible to achieve the same results using just "Normal" mode. This is why these modes are included into full versions only: they are for people who is very serious about fixing and improving the images, for real professionals.

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