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AmphiSoft Photo Tinter

"AS Photo tinter" is image editing plug-in filter for extracting tone profile from toned black and white photos and applying extracted profiles to another photo. It is not yet another sepia effect - you may apply different tints to different areas of the photo, based on source brightness. For example, you may color shadows red, midtones green and highlights blue. Normally, it requires long tweaking of "Curves" facility in your image editor; now with Photo Tinter you may easily extract tone profiles from masterpieces you like with a click on a button.

Below are some examples of using "AS Photo Tinter" on digital photo:

Original photo

Blue tone

Red shadows,
yellow highlights

Blue shadows, yellow midtones
and cyan highlights

Using the filter is extremely easy: you open the toned black and white image you like, run "Photo Tinter" and press "Aquire and save profile" button. You input the file name and profile get saved. Then you open your image, run the plugin again, press "Load profile" button and load the file saved before. Colors are copied to new image, and all you have to do is press "Apply". You don't have to understand math of "Curves" or tweak numerous control points in "Curves" dialog.

Although plugin's main purpose is copying tone from existing photos, you may also edit profiles and create new ones, using your image editor brushes, gradients, filters and other tools. It's extremely easy:

Create new RGB image, no less than 256 pixels wide, and fill it with linear black to white gradient as shown above. Choose the brush tool and in tool options set blend mode to "Color". Now start brushing over the gradient with colors you like:

When finished, run "AS Photo Tinter" plug-in filter and use "Aquire" button to create the profile. Voila, new profile created and may be used to tone your photos. You may also edit existing profiles: run Photo Tinter on the black to white gradient, using one of the existing profiles. Profile data will be converted to image data, and you will be able to edit the image - add new colors with a brush or soften the gradation with smudge tool; just don't forget to set the tools to "Color" mode. When finished, run the plugin again to extract new, edited version of the profile.

Downloading AmphiSoft Photo Tinter

To obtain your free copy of Photo Tinter plugin, please proceed to download page. The filter is freeware, and may be redistributed on a free basis.

Alternatively, you may download the filter using high-speed mirror link below:

Get it from CNET!

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